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Don’t worry we don’t want your first born or any of that shenanigans. Running a website and podcast can be an expensive proposition and needs more than a thimble full of love, passion and enthusiasm (not this can be garnered from the podcast). Contributing here, the BGG guild, Facebooktwitter or Boardgamelinks are all just the best things ever. Just knowing that somebody out there cares is something. Doing the following also makes you a super person and we’re love you longtime.

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This alone is gravy for us. Getting a decent rating on Itunes will improve our standing in rankings, get us more listeners and somebody might actually presume that we know what were doing. It might mean more support from the industry and it will give you that warm glow. If you are going to do one thing, do this for us. Ta fella.

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We have a steadily growing fanbase of listeners,lurkers and Greg’s. Providing review copies of games are a great way for you to get your product showcased and helps us to cover a larger variety of games. If you are interested you can Contact us at.