Podcast Episodes


Gathered together for your audio delight here are all our podcast episodes.

  • Who Dares Rolls Podcast Episode 42 – Dust Bunnies, The Live Show and Drink! In this latest riveting misadventure Ben is away and the boys have found the key to the drinks cabinet.
    Charlie claims that Arkham Horror might just be better than the LOTR LCG, Nate shows us his Dust Bunnies and Mike admires his Arcadia Quest mini’s.
    In Room 504 miss a turn mechanics and drinks on the table ...
  • Who Dares Rolls Podcast 41 – The City of Kings Hello, and in this change to regular programming I talk to Frank West designer of the rather marvellous The City of Kings.
    We discuss the game and some of the interesting design choices made to bring it realisation, we also dive into what the future might hold for this very cool game.
    So dive in and have ...
  • Who Dares Rolls Podcast Episode 40 – Room 504 We reach the milestone of episode 40 and what better time to introduce our new regular feature Room 504.
    Of course there’s also all the usual nonsense you’ve come to expect. So settle down and join Mike, Nate, Ben and Charlie as they moan, gripe and generally act like a group of ill mannered school boys.
    Discussed ...
  • Who Dares Rolls Podcast Episode 39 – SeaFall (to the bitter end) Spoiler warning this episode contains massive game destroying, nerd rage inducing spoilers to the game, its mechanics and the plot of SeaFall. 
    If you intend to play the game now or at some point in the future then you really probably don’t want to listen to this episode.
    If your still interested as to what we might ...
  • Who Dares Rolls Podcast Episode 38 – Eventually Well shiver our timbers after more delays then South West Rail the latest podcast episode is finally here.
    We look back on some games from last year, have a think about what delights might well be of interest in 2017 and ponder life the universe and everything as we answer a question from Tony Boydell.
    There’s an ...
  • Who Dares Rolls Podcast Episode 37 – Seafall/Scythe and Hype in Boardgames The boys return with a fresh new episode of the podcast. Following the “technical difficulties” following the last episode a sufficient amount of sellotape was attached to Mike’s microphone cord to avoid any further “technical difficulties”.
    In this rambunctious wollop of entertainment:
    We discuss what we’ve been playing including Eric Lang’s latest H.M.S. Dolores and Mike gets ...
  • Who Dares Rolls Podcast Episode 36 – Essen and Back Again. Yes finally we’re back with another episode of the Who Dares Rolls Podcast.
    In this thrilling instalment Mike recounts his Essen adventure, and its soon clear that the sum total of all information gained from this experience could have been summed up in a tweet.
    Charlie plays Descent while Podcasting, Nate has a can of drink and ...
  • Who Dares Rolls Podcast 35 – Gen Con!!! Fresh returned from the kitchen Mike, Nate and Phil perform a autopsy on this years Gen Con.
    Scythe gets another airing and apps in board games get given a good going over.
    Plus all the other scandalous nonsense you’ve come to expect.
  • Who Dares Rolls Podcast Episode 34 – Games Design Its a pine fresh new episode. Lovely. We discus what we’ve played including some early thoughts on Scythe. Mike gets all in a froth about Millennium Blades and murdering in Bloody Inn.
    As punctual as ever we discuss whats coming up at Gen Con (yes we know its been and gone) look for our post Gen ...
  • Who Dares Rolls Podcast Episode 33 We’re back! Ben does a flying visit to add some much needed actual intelligent conversation to proceedings.
    Mike discusses his many social faux pas at the recent UK Games EXPO learn how he has now successfully alienated the team from just about every popular tabletop gaming media outlet. But he has a fan “hello Jonathan” so ...
  • Who Dares Rolls Podcast Episode 32 – UK Games EXPO Preview Ta Daaa!
    Yes its our shiny new episode 32 of the Who Dares Rolls podcast and this is jam packed with wondrous delights.
    We discuss what we’ve played and Nate takes offence to Mikes idea of time spent well at a game convention, we discuss the forthcoming UK Games EXPO. Mike chats with Tony Boydell designer of ...
  • Who Dares Rolls Express Saltlands Interview Hello, hello.
    Very recently I was lucky enough to catch up with the fine gents from Antler Games to sit down and discuss Saltlands their new Post Apocalyptic set adventure co-op currently funding on Kickstarter.
    Its cracking mix of co-op, exploration and good old fashioned back stabbing and mischief and we’ve had a heap of fun with ...
  • Who Dares Rolls Podcast Episode 31- Pretty Pretty Board Game Its podcast time again.
    In this knee trembler of an episode Mike and Nate are joined by Phil our listener begging the question who really is listening if we’re all on the episode.
    Discussed are What’s been played including Sub Rosa,Ominoes,City of Iron 2nd Edition,They Come Unseen and Saltlands.
    Recent game announcements get everyone in a tizzy over ...
  • Who Dares Rolls Podcast Episode 30 – Time Stories With the podcast crews numbers decimated by Births, confusion and assorted plagues. Mike and Robbie careen onwards into a discussion on Time Stories.
    Part role playing game with a dash of choose your own adventure the boys attempt to take a peek up its flux capacitor without having a nasty paradox.
    Also discussed is Mike’s awkward encounter ...
  • Who Dares Rolls Express 04 – Ghostel The Who Dares Rolls Express podcast a nutritious and compact nibble of audio delight. In this frightfully amusing episode I take a moment to chat with Bevan Clatworthy (say that three times fast) designer of Ghostel the game of dice chucking and haunted hotels funding on Kickstarter now.
    We cover the journey it took to bring ...
  • Who Dares Rolls Podcast Episode 29 – There and back again and back again… Its a new year! And we’re late of course. Yes in the usual timely and zip zippity speed in which we like to do these things, here is the fashionably late 2015 look back and what’s cooking in 2016 discussion.
    We discuss favourite moments of gaming in 2015, the games we enjoyed the most and ponder ...
  • Who Dares Rolls Podcast 28 “A Very Grumpy Christmas” It being the season of goodwill and all that nonsense. We have gathered together the finest curmudgeons that the Board Game industry has to offer for an alternative take on this most jolly of seasons.
    So settle yourself down for our “Very Grumpy Christmas” episode of the Who Dares Rolls Podcast.
    Mark Rivera designer of Luchador! Mexican ...
  • The Who Scares Rolls Podcast Episode 27 “The Halloween Special” Mwa Ha Ha Haaa.
    Welcome you worthless cardboard obsessed worms to the spooktacular Halloween special episode of the Who Scares Rolls Podcast.
    In this frightfully gruesome edition we disgust Horror games and if the tabletop can effectively pull off midnight chills.
    The ghouls discuss what they’ve been playing.
    And we take a ride in the haunted Carriage to the ...
  • Who Dares Rolls Podcast – The One With Jamey Stegmaier in it. To celebrate the launch of Stonemaier Games Scythe on Kickstarter here’s an audio treat for you all. The king of board game Kickstarter’s and all round good egg Mr Jamey Stegmaier gathered in our secret bunker for a no holds barred interview.
    In this thrilling installment we cover the development of Scythe his brand new Euro, Farming, ...
  • Who Dares Rolls Podcast 25 The Top Ten Lists Part 2 List Part 2. Of the list, you know the bloody list!
    And some other stuff.
    Who Dares Rolls yay!
    This is all.