Critters Below – Sneak Peek

by Mike Bon February 20, 2017
Antler games blasted onto my radar with their debut game from last year the post apocalyptic set Saltlands. Aside from the stunning art and design the game of wasteland survival captured all the great stuff from the Mad Max films and managed to really embrace what made those flick’s so much fun. So imagine my […]

Portal Con News!

by Mike Bon January 24, 2016
Over this weekend Portal Games has been been running Portal Con. Its a game convention with its focus on Portal Publishing, where they announce how the companies been going over the past year, (which is well it appears) and have lots of tournaments and generally its an excuse to indulge some good old fashioned gaming. […]

The Who Scares Rolls Podcast Episode 27 “The Halloween Special”

by Mike Bon October 26, 2015
Mwa Ha Ha Haaa. Welcome you worthless cardboard obsessed worms to the spooktacular Halloween special episode of the Who Scares Rolls Podcast. In this frightfully gruesome edition we disgust Horror games and if the tabletop can effectively pull off midnight chills. The ghouls discuss what they’ve been playing. And we take a ride in the […]

Who Dares Rolls Podcast 23 – Forbidden Stars

by Mike Bon July 11, 2015
In this episode. The boys get a multitude of wood. We discuss what we’ve been playing, including: finally a victory against the forces of darkness in Eldritch Horror and a first look at Tinker Tailor from Medusa Games a neat little card drafting set collection game, and Charlie gets all shook up in Dread! Wil […]

Who Dares News

by Mike Bon April 16, 2015
More news I hear you cry, but we have already had some this week! Yes, yes you have but as I’m feeling particular generous with the news at the moment here’s another nugget or two. So stop with the griping already! Jeez. So first up is a little British game that could. Surviving: One Month […]

The Final Account Of Private Robert Shanks

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon January 28, 2015
THE FINAL ACCOUNT OF PRIVATE ROBERT SHANKS OF THE FIRST NC CAVALRY, SCOFFLAW AND DESERTER   Starring: Steve as Isaac Maybank Lee as Pembroke Eager Vinnie as Henry Dunham And Charlie as Robert Shanks   I know I shall take this letter to the grave with me. My wife and children, my grandchildren… they must […]

Oh, The Places You’ll Go

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon January 28, 2015
Howdy Greg’s, I’m here to quickly (i.e. not rubbish up with my interesting use of grammar and the written word) introduce our most recent new edition to the Who Dares Rolls family Mr Charles Etheridge-Nunn. Charlie is going to be covering RPG’s and other goodness for us, so without further ado let me hand you over to […]

Podcast Episode 16 – The Christmas Episode

by Mike Bon December 24, 2014
Seasons greetings to you one and all. Updates have been a tad quiet around here of late and this is due to my day job which involves managing a large toy shop, I’ve been up to my ears in the special type of joy that only comes this time of year when faced with stressed […]

Game Angry

by Mike Bon May 19, 2014
Every once in a while i’m angered, nay enraged at the levels of general ignorance and/or stupidity displayed by the human race, having a job requiring persistent contact with the general public in a service position will do that to you. Fortunately board gamer’s on the whole are a happy and calm lot, the very […]

January Update & Stuff

by Mike Bon January 22, 2014
Hi all, this is a bit of an update on whats happening over here at Who Dares towers. Been a bit subdued of late due to the day job or more specifically the joys of stocktaking a large building filled with thousands of toys. It’s dragged like a family board game night consisting solely of […]