FFG Unleash a Star Wars Assault!

by Mike Bon May 6, 2017
May 4th having arrived Fantasy Flight Games took the opportunity to jump on this new round of Star Wars love by announcing a heap of new content. Featuring expansions for both Star Wars Imperial Assault their dungeon crawl and skirmish game set in a galaxy far far away and the much requested Star Wars Rebellion […]

Tinkerbot Games Season 3 Podcast with Me!!

by Mike Bon March 27, 2017
Those lovely Tinkerbot chaps (they made one of our favourite games from last year Ghostel) have just released their first episode of season 3 of the wonderful Tinkerbot Games Podcast and fools that they are they let me on as a special guest! Madness. We’re Back! Season 3 Starts Here with special guest Mike Barnes […]

Be excellent to each other.

by Mike Bon February 27, 2017
In these uncertain times with social media becoming more and more the home of a wretched hive of scum and villainy and our daily news so often depicting the absolute worse facets of humanity from those elected it could easily be surmised that frankly, the world is going to hell in a hand basket. So […]

Airecon 2017

by Mike Bon February 6, 2017
We’re going on a road trip! So its time to dust off those convention cobwebs and ready ourselves for a weekend of some damned fine gaming. Sweet Gaming Convention season is here again! Yes I’ll be attending Airecon now in its fourth┬áthird glorious year and I think they are about ready to deal with our […]

Who Dares Rolls does Essen Part 1.

by Mike Bon October 17, 2016
The facts expressed below belong to everybody, the opinions to me. The distinction is yours to draw… Ever since starting this blog there has always been one entry in my gaming grail diary that I’ve wanted to put a big tick against. Attend Spiel in Essen a mecca for enthusiasts of cardboard entertainment to gather […]

Who Dares Rolls TV Episode 3 – Secret Hitler

by Mike Bon September 20, 2016
What can only be considered as ‘on a roll’ we’ve produced another You Tube video. Yes WDR TV episode 3. And in this rambunctious episode we contemplate Seafall and the lack of love for this long awaited title. Poke at the dark underbelly of Kickstarter with a peak at Vengeance and Gods Strateg. And finally […]

Games Workshop and Fantasy Flight Games fall out of love

by Mike Bon September 10, 2016
So after much gossip and general scuttlebutt following Gen Con, it’s finally official. Games Workshop and Fantasy Flight Games are parting company. After a successful 8 year run of FFG producing what many agree has been some of the best implementations of GW’s Warhammer/40K licenses the party is finally over. So what does this mean? […]

Who Dares Rolls TV Episode 2

by Mike Bon August 19, 2016
Huzzah! we’re finally back with the sequel to that other video that we did. In this thrilling instalment we glance at Gen Con, bemoan Legendary Fireflys terrible art. Take a gander at Sharknado the board game and get all betentacled with our Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition review. Please follow and like us:

Who Dares Rolls TV, its the same rubbish but now at 25fps.

by Mike Bon June 17, 2016
Yes we have exploded all over You Tube with the full force of an asthmatic jogger. Despite not being able to stick to a regular podcast schedule or produce any other content with any regularity we have ventured out into another avenue and can now present to you the pilot episode of Who Dares Rolls […]

To The EXPO & Beyond Part 2

by Mike Bon June 13, 2016
  Being the proper and correct account of the misadventures of Mike B and his belligerent and overworked Editor Chris B. I was startled awake by what could be best described as somebody repeatedly and violently inserting a cat into a Tuba. The room was a wreck, resembling some kind of post-party apocalypse wrestling myself […]