The Best Components to Stack Up While You’re Playing a Board Game

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon January 9, 2018
Board games can be marvellous things, with cardboard, plastic and wood replicating vineyards, wars, civilisations and more. They are a wonderful experience and something I always heartily recommend to people as a social experience to have with friends (or sometimes solo, if you’ve read any of my ‘playing with ourselves’ articles . There’s one aspect of […]

Stuff we encountered in 2017.

by Mike Bon January 3, 2018
I’ve never been one for list making I have a general aversion to them. It is my experience they exist to get me off my arse and doing chores like digging up a rose bush or hoovering something the dog left behind. There you are on your day off, a wealth of possibilities ahead of […]

2017 and all that…

by Mike Bon December 29, 2017
Next year Who Dares Rolls will be celebrating its sixth birthday. Yes, unbelievably we’ve been around that long, by the law of averages just by existing we should have a bigger audience than we have. It has to be said we’ve managed with no real effort, to stay firmly below the radar. And you know […]

The Horror!

by Mike Bon October 31, 2017
The witching hour nearly being upon us, Chris from unboxed the board game blog and my goodself decided to settle around the campfire and pick some suitably horrific games you should play this Halloween. That’s horrific in scary as well.. Not shite. Horror in board games is a tricky proposition, how to capture that feeling […]

Designer Impulses

by Mike Bon September 20, 2017
Chris from Unboxed:The Board Game Blog approached me with the spiffy idea of an article all about games that we’ve bought without doing the homework, you know like checking reviews or any of that other sensible stuff those of use with a serious board game habit would obviously do. These are impulse buy’s and more […]

I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!

by Mike Bon July 19, 2017
Alright, i’m going to go off on one. So before I get into a complete state and have to wipe the slaver off my chin, let’s get some context in here so stick with me there is a point to all of this. If you’re sitting comfortably then I’ll begin. The video games industry has […]

Warhammer 40K 8th Edition

by Adam Won July 7, 2017
Unless you have been living under a rock (or perhaps deep in some form of cave system), you’ll have noticed that there has been rather a lot of noise coming from the direction of Nottingham. For it is here that the goliath of the UK games industry, Games Workshop, is based. Well, a new version […]

The Parkers Play Camel Up

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon June 22, 2017
Aside from all that board gaming and RPG shenanigans Charlie has also found time to author a series of short stories and a book all about a dysfunctional bunch of super heroes trying to find their place on earth. Think of it as Buffy meets X-Men with a side order of Scott Pilgrim. Anyway he […]

The UK Games EXPO 2017 – Recap

by Mike Bon June 14, 2017
So its all over again for another year. The EXPO is now official a huge event, with more to see each year its getting harder and harder to pick what to stop and look at and what to pass by. Here’s some of my thoughts on the show and a handful of the games that […]

Who Dares Rolls Live at UK Games EXPO 2017

by Mike Bon June 6, 2017
Join Mike, Nate, Ben and Charlie as they perform our first live and uncensored podcast recording. With special guests Tony Boydell and Andrew Harman. Together we try to judge Penguins, Zombies, Words and Mike to see which is worthy of being consigned to the depths of Room 504. Please follow and like us: