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FFG Unleash a Star Wars Assault!

by Mike Bon May 6, 2017
May 4th having arrived Fantasy Flight Games took the opportunity to jump on this new round of Star Wars love by announcing a heap of new content. Featuring expansions for both Star Wars Imperial Assault their dungeon crawl and skirmish game set in a galaxy far far away and the much requested Star Wars Rebellion […]

Who Dares Rolls Podcast Episode 42 – Dust Bunnies, The Live Show and Drink!

by Mike Bon April 28, 2017
In this latest riveting misadventure Ben is away and the boys have found the key to the drinks cabinet. Charlie claims that Arkham Horror might just be better than the LOTR LCG, Nate shows us his Dust Bunnies and Mike admires his Arcadia Quest mini’s. In Room 504 miss a turn mechanics and drinks on […]

7th Sea Session Two – Whips & Butt Stuff (Montaigne)

by Mike Bon April 18, 2017
  Starring: Jacob as the GM Charlie as Effy Varrow, an Avalon soon-to-be famous explorer Lee as Finn Hopkins, the vengeful son of an Avalon privateer Vinnie as Vanya Steiglig, a grizzled Eisen monster hunter Josh as Janina “Nina” Kohrs, a Samartian union leader who makes pacts with honestly-not-devils Amy as Galina Rurick Olgovna V’novgorov, […]

Who Dares Rolls Podcast 41 – The City of Kings

by Mike Bon April 14, 2017
Hello, and in this change to regular programming I talk to Frank West designer of the rather marvellous The City of Kings. We discuss the game and some of the interesting design choices made to bring it realisation, we also dive into what the future might hold for this very cool game. So dive in […]


by Mike Bon April 12, 2017
I was incredibly fortunate to get my mits on a pre-production copy of the spiffy new game Petrichor from the designer hive-mind of David Chircop (Pursuit of Happiness) and David Turczi (Anachrony). Its all about being a cloud and doing cloud stuff like raining and thundering and floating. OK I appreciate that that sounds like […]

The City of Kings

by Mike Bon April 11, 2017
WDR Gold Essential
I had an addiction. I’m Mike and I used to have a level 90 Gnome Warlock in “World of Warcraft” and for three years it infested my every waking hour. And then one sunny afternoon having spent most of a week levelling my fishing skill I had a moment of clarity. What the hell was […]

Tinkerbot Games Season 3 Podcast with Me!!

by Mike Bon March 27, 2017
Those lovely Tinkerbot chaps (they made one of our favourite games from last year Ghostel) have just released their first episode of season 3 of the wonderful Tinkerbot Games Podcast and fools that they are they let me on as a special guest! Madness. We’re Back! Season 3 Starts Here with special guest Mike Barnes […]

Who Dares Rolls Podcast Episode 40 – Room 504

by Mike Bon March 20, 2017
We reach the milestone of episode 40 and what better time to introduce our new regular feature Room 504. Of course there’s also all the usual nonsense you’ve come to expect. So settle down and join Mike, Nate, Ben and Charlie as they moan, gripe and generally act like a group of ill mannered school […]


by Mike Bon March 14, 2017
This past weekend, I travelled across half of the UK to attend Airecon a fresh new upstart on the UK’s convention scene. I’d never visited before but as it had moved this year into the rather swanky Harrogate International Centre now seemed the optimum time to check it out. Considering Airecon is only four shows […]

On the Road to Airecon

by Mike Bon March 10, 2017
Being the gentlemen explorers of all things cardboard it seemed only correct that we should probably pause from our daily routine of lolling around the Who Dares Roll’s lodge in a barely functioning state and venture outside. And when I say go out, I mean do something bordering on actual journalism besides having a fag […]