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One Ugly Motherfucker

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon May 9, 2017
By Erika Chappell and Newstand Press   Sometimes a role-playing game can be deep, interesting, introspective. There have been projects like Trump/Putin which show how the ludicrous can seem worryingly real. Heads of State talks about dictators and living under them. TERPS tells us about military interpreters working for an occupying force. Then you get the weird […]


by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon May 4, 2017
Trump/Putin A Ginger Goat game by Todd Crapper and Chelsea Hamilton Review copy provided by Josh Jordan.   I was Donald Trump this weekend, and I may have helped Russia invade Canada. People sometimes say that comics, films and other media should stay out of politics. They should ‘just be entertainment’. The thing is, we […]

7th Sea Session One – Heist: Counterheist – The Heistening (Vestenmannavnjar)

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon April 5, 2017
Starring: Jacob as the GM Charlie as Effy Varrow, an Avalon soon-to-be famous explorer Lee as Finn Hopkins, the vengeful son of an Avalon privateer Vinnie as Vanya Steiglig, a grizzled Eisen monster hunter Josh as Janina Kohrs, a Samartian union leader who makes pacts with honestly-not-devils Amy as Galina Rurick Olgovna V’novgorov, an Ussuran […]

The Explorer’s Society

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon April 4, 2017
7th Sea is a swashbuckling fantasy game set in a vague parallel to old Europe, albeit the old Europe of the Musketeers, the Princess Bride and so on. You don’t make characters, you make ‘heroes’. You get bonuses for mixing up the skills you resolve things with, you fight ‘mooks’ and upon taking your first […]

7th Sea Session Zero – Character Creation

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon April 4, 2017
We’re doing something a bit different this time; I’m going to be reporting on a campaign that I’m a player in. Jacob from the In-Fighters will be running the game and has volunteered to provide input where necessary. We’ll be playing John Wick’s 7th Sea Second Edition.   The Game The In-Fighters have played the […]

Arkham Horror: The Living Card Game

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon March 22, 2017
It was a dark night when I first played the Living Card Game by the name of Arkham Horror. A white hound barked like an angry phantom, warding off invaders from the abode I now called my home. Through the storm arrived Steven, my old friend whom I had been corresponding with via electronic mail […]

Dungeon World Exodus Session Seven – Vs The Crystal King!

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon March 18, 2017
Starring: Lee as Ethan Gale, unrepentant defender of his way-too-lawful bosses. Jacob as Holden Luck, living embodiment of terms & conditions. Vinnie as Ali, Barbarian bounty hunter. Ash as Captain Urit Morca, a man of low moral fibre. Josh as (Fight the) Goodfight, an elemental mess. Amy as Snow, a gap-year barbarian. Guest-Starring: King Erasmo, […]

Dungeon World Exodus Session Six – Vs The Crystal Eaters!

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon March 17, 2017
  Starring: Lee as Ethan Gale, warden of the Order of Eternal Light. Jacob as Holden Luck, armoured law-mage. Vinnie as Bryan, dead for the final time. Ash as Captain Urit Morca, absent from the session Josh as (Fight the) Goodfight, master of elements and chaos. Amy, returning as Snow, a savage with a squirrel […]

DriveThruRPG GM’s Day Sale Russian Roulette

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon March 7, 2017
Oh DriveThruRPG, what has become of you? Are you no better than any given app store? Than Steam?   I use DriveThruRPG for a lot of my RPG purchases because who has physical space anymore? Most Kickstarter RPGs I fund redeem their PDFs through DriveThru, as do the Bundle of Holding deals which I love so much. […]

Witch: The Road to Lindisfarne

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon March 7, 2017
By Kevin Barthaud & Richard Lacy It’s said in writing that if you want to make things dramatic then you should have your character or characters conflicting against two of three things: the world, another character or themselves. Role-playing games often focus on the first two. You’re a bunch of adventurers taking down some bastard […]