XCOM box

XCOM: The Board Game

by Mike Bon August 25, 2016
WDR Silver
With the announcement from FFG that we’d finally be getting an expansion XCOM: Evolution, I was inspired to pluck this one back off the shelf where it’s languished for most of the last year. Having now vigorously revisited this, I’m rather glad I didn’t write this review on my initial close encounter, time has, in […]


Game of Thrones LCG

by Adam Won August 24, 2016
Fantasy Flight Games like their Game Of Thrones license. They really, really like it, based on the number of products they appear to be releasing within a rapid succession of one another. You can barely take a breath before they announce another one coming soon to stores near you. This is not an article bashing […]

WDR TV ep2

Who Dares Rolls TV Episode 2

by Mike Bon August 19, 2016
Huzzah! we’re finally back with the sequel to that other video that we did. In this thrilling instalment we glance at Gen Con, bemoan Legendary Fireflys terrible art. Take a gander at Sharknado the board game and get all betentacled with our Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition review.

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24: The DVD Board Game

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon August 18, 2016
Charlie continues his misadventures in terrible licensed games. For the record I did not ask him to do this and had I been aware of this behaviour beforehand I would have staged an intervention. Mike B Charity shops sometimes cough up interesting games you wouldn’t have noticed before. Other times they barf out a pile of […]


Dungeon World Exodus Session One

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon August 17, 2016
Dungeon World Exodus Session One – Vs Two Cohesive Units of Seagulls   Starring: Lee as Ethan Gale, Warden for the Order of Eternal Light. His mother Helena is missing. Jacob as Holden Luck, stubbornness mage. The son of the family he protects is missing. Vinnie as Bryan Weaver, Goblin bounty hunter. His friendly rival […]



by Adam Won August 16, 2016
Frag – the first person shooter board game. If ever there was a game where the concept was a simple one, this is it. Its tagline says it all ‘If it moves, shoot it.’ Produced by Steve Jackson Games, with the original edition released in 2001, the game channels classic old-school First Person Shooters. This […]


Who Dares Rolls Podcast Episode 34 – Games Design

by Mike Bon August 15, 2016
Its a pine fresh new episode. Lovely. We discus what we’ve played including some early thoughts on Scythe. Mike gets all in a froth about Millennium Blades and murdering in Bloody Inn. As punctual as ever we discuss whats coming up at Gen Con (yes we know its been and gone) look for our post […]

Scythe Box


by Mike Bon August 9, 2016
WDR Bronze
Scythe was massively hyped even before hitting Kickstarter and unsurprisingly proceeded to smash through its initial funding goal in a matter of hours, going on to be really rather popular. Little has subsequently diminished the frenzy of hyperbole leading up to its release. It’s the cardboard equivalent of a summer blockbuster. Scythe represents Jamey Stegmaier’s […]


Initial Thoughts on Scythe

by Ben Hendyon August 4, 2016
Ben, dropped me this piece as his first reaction to what has to be one of the most highly anticipated tabletop releases ever. Like Ben I’m still letting my final opinions percolate some more before it gets a final review, however inspired by his musings I’ve added some of my own, so think of this […]


Repel Boarders

by Adam Won August 3, 2016
Pausing a moment from our irregularly scheduled nonsense i’d like to introduce our most recent Who Dares Roll’s family member Adam from the Prepare for Boarding blog. Here’s been industriously plugging away on his own site regarding all things card board but has graciously agreed been blackmailed into throwing us the occasional content bone.So without […]