Dungeon World Exodus Session Three – Vs Cult Pamphleteers!

by Mike Bon January 16, 2017
  Starring: Lee as Ethan Gale, Warden for the Order of Eternal Light. Jacob as Holden Luck, stubbornness mage. Vinnie as Bryan Weaver, Goblin bounty hunter. Ash as Captain Urit Morca of the pirate ship Thondir’s Dagger. Josh as (Fight the) Goodfight, an elemental savant.   Session Zero: Vs Character Creation Session One: Vs Two […]


by Mike Bon January 14, 2017
WDR Silver
Back in the heady days of early 2016, we published a review for Tinkerbot Games Kickstarter project Ghostel. Well here we are in the fresh new car smelling 2017 and don’t you know it but the finished game has materialised on my door mat. So this seems the perfect time to go take another look […]

A Real Game

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon January 9, 2017
  This is a weird one to review. It’s like trying to review The Stanley Parable or The Beginner’s Guide (which I actually did. I’m drawn to these games and they’re so tricky to articulate. A Real Game is free and all you need to do is print it out in order. Try not to […]

We’re Still Here!

by Mike Bon January 2, 2017
Happy New Year! To all our listener’s lurkers and passers-by. I know we’ve been quieter than usual over the last couple of months and nothing pains me more than just when everyone else in our hobby is winding down and indulging in all the new shiny toys that hit this time of year I find […]

Holiday Gift Guide Part 5 – Extravagant Christmas Treats!

by Mike Bon December 21, 2016
Its the final part of our Gamer’s Gift Guide and this time we’re throwing caution and expense aside and pointing out some budget straining super special goodies we think are worth your time and money. If you missed the previous instalments then here they are:  PART 1 , PART 2, PART 3 and PART 4 Mike’s Picks Oh boy! […]

Review Wars!

by Mike Bon December 19, 2016
This week I’ve taken part in a new segment that Michael May has created on his You Tube channel Toucan Play that Game. Its called Review Wars and he invited some of us reviewer types to submit a video that you our wonderful audience can take a look at and decide which of us is […]

Cape Horn

by Adam Won December 15, 2016
Adam is all at sea with Cape Horn. Yep he’s been in the bargain bin again.. Everyone knows I love both a bargain. Moreover, I love an obscure game that I can pick up at a bargain price and hopefully get a good bit of play out of. Having been previously rewarded with games like […]

Holiday Gift Guide Part 4 – Gamer’s Games.

by Mike Bon December 13, 2016
Its part 4 of our Gamer’s Gift Guide and this time we’re picking some rollicking good games for gamer’s. If you missed our previous parts then here they are PART 1 , PART 2 and PART 3 Mike’s Picks OK now we’re talking, proper bloody games. Oops was my gamer snob showing! Now this really is an impossible […]

Holiday Gift Guide Part 3 – Party Games

by Mike Bon December 6, 2016
And so its part 3 of our Gamer’s Gift Guide and this time we’re in the party mood and so its Party Games! If you missed our two previous parts then here they are PART 1 and PART 2 Mike’s Picks Party games this is such a tricky prospect, for me they should be light […]

Holiday Gift Guide Part 2 – Family Games

by Mike Bon December 1, 2016
Its Part 2 of our Gamers Guide to Giving Gifts and this time we’re looking at Family games. If you missed Part 1 its HERE. Mike’s Picks. OK anything but bloody sodding Monopoly or any of the other mass market drivel that’s had the latest hot new cartoon/movie slapped on it was basically my mantra […]