Tinkerbot Games Season 3 Podcast with Me!!

by Mike Bon March 27, 2017
Those lovely Tinkerbot chaps (they made one of our favourite games from last year Ghostel) have just released their first episode of season 3 of the wonderful Tinkerbot Games Podcast and fools that they are they let me on as a special guest! Madness. We’re Back! Season 3 Starts Here with special guest Mike Barnes […]

Arkham Horror: The Living Card Game

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon March 22, 2017
It was a dark night when I first played the Living Card Game by the name of Arkham Horror. A white hound barked like an angry phantom, warding off invaders from the abode I now called my home. Through the storm arrived Steven, my old friend whom I had been corresponding with via electronic mail […]

Who Dares Rolls Podcast Episode 40 – Room 504

by Mike Bon March 20, 2017
We reach the milestone of episode 40 and what better time to introduce our new regular feature Room 504. Of course there’s also all the usual nonsense you’ve come to expect. So settle down and join Mike, Nate, Ben and Charlie as they moan, gripe and generally act like a group of ill mannered school […]

Dungeon World Exodus Session Seven – Vs The Crystal King!

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon March 18, 2017
Starring: Lee as Ethan Gale, unrepentant defender of his way-too-lawful bosses. Jacob as Holden Luck, living embodiment of terms & conditions. Vinnie as Ali, Barbarian bounty hunter. Ash as Captain Urit Morca, a man of low moral fibre. Josh as (Fight the) Goodfight, an elemental mess. Amy as Snow, a gap-year barbarian. Guest-Starring: King Erasmo, […]

Dungeon World Exodus Session Six – Vs The Crystal Eaters!

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon March 17, 2017
  Starring: Lee as Ethan Gale, warden of the Order of Eternal Light. Jacob as Holden Luck, armoured law-mage. Vinnie as Bryan, dead for the final time. Ash as Captain Urit Morca, absent from the session Josh as (Fight the) Goodfight, master of elements and chaos. Amy, returning as Snow, a savage with a squirrel […]


by Mike Bon March 14, 2017
This past weekend, I travelled across half of the UK to attend Airecon a fresh new upstart on the UK’s convention scene. I’d never visited before but as it had moved this year into the rather swanky Harrogate International Centre now seemed the optimum time to check it out. Considering Airecon is only four shows […]

On the Road to Airecon

by Mike Bon March 10, 2017
Being the gentlemen explorers of all things cardboard it seemed only correct that we should probably pause from our daily routine of lolling around the Who Dares Roll’s lodge in a barely functioning state and venture outside. And when I say go out, I mean do something bordering on actual journalism besides having a fag […]

DriveThruRPG GM’s Day Sale Russian Roulette

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon March 7, 2017
Oh DriveThruRPG, what has become of you? Are you no better than any given app store? Than Steam?   I use DriveThruRPG for a lot of my RPG purchases because who has physical space anymore? Most Kickstarter RPGs I fund redeem their PDFs through DriveThru, as do the Bundle of Holding deals which I love so much. […]

Critters Below

by Mike Bon March 7, 2017
Critters Below is the latest from Antler Games those bloody nice chaps who let us play in their post apocalyptic sandbox with Saltlands last year. Well now their back with a game of bunker survival with some not so cute and fluffy friends. You and up to 8 players (with both sets) can take cover […]

Witch: The Road to Lindisfarne

by Charlie Etheridge-Nunnon March 7, 2017
By Kevin Barthaud & Richard Lacy It’s said in writing that if you want to make things dramatic then you should have your character or characters conflicting against two of three things: the world, another character or themselves. Role-playing games often focus on the first two. You’re a bunch of adventurers taking down some bastard […]